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In the northern hemisphere, it was originally a warm spring in April, but snow fell in the Midwest of the United States and the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. The temperature plummeted below freezing and a snow warning was issued. Tens of thousands of households were without power, many schools were closed, and hundreds of flights were canceled as if returning to winter from spring.

The snowfall in Utah is twice that of the same period, and it has broken the previous record. (Photo via

Taipei, TAIWAN (Merxwire) - In the northern hemisphere in April, it is time to welcome spring and summer and start to gradually warm up. However, in mid-April, snow fell in many states in the Midwest of the United States, and the temperature dropped sharply below zero. The snow warning was issued. Tens of thousands of households were without power, many schools were closed and hundreds of flights were canceled. In Europe, snow covered the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, as if returning to winter from spring.

According to the information from National Weather Service, North Dakota continued to experience severe storms and snow during this period. In addition to affecting land and air transportation, long-distance road travel was also impossible, with snow accumulation reaching 7 inches. The temperature in South Dakota dropped below freezing, some interstate highways were closed, and external traffic in some areas was temporarily interrupted, causing great inconvenience to people's lives.

Southern Minnesota extended into Wisconsin, with an average snowpack of 6 to 10 inches. The electricity supply to tens of thousands of households was interrupted, many primary and secondary schools announced the suspension of classes, and sports events were also affected and forced to be canceled. Authorities in Minnesota also issued the first flood warning of the year because of concerns about flooding caused by a sudden rise in water levels during snowmelt.

Because Utah has experienced three years of drought, they hoped that there would be rainy season precipitation in spring to solve the water shortage problem, but there was a record-breaking amount of snow. The original snow record was 26 inches, but this time the snow has broken through 29 inches. If compared with the same period, it is more than twice the average snowfall. The heavy snow did fill the Great Salt Lake, and the water level has risen by 3 meters. But it also makes people worry about flooding caused by too fast snowmelt, so they still buy a lot of sandbags to prevent flooding.

The abnormal snow conditions in European mainly occur in the Balkan Peninsula, where it suddenly feels like returning to winter. The blooming cherry blossoms were covered with thick snow, and the people put on their winter clothes again and were busy shoveling snow. Suddenly dropped from 17 degrees Celsius to minus 4 degrees Celsius, some roads in Belgrade were closed, power was cut off in many villages, snow accumulation exceeded 5 inches, and road trees broke due to heavy snow and injured people. Some ferries were suspended in Croatia and Montenegro due to strong winds.

The spring cherry blossoms ushered in the Balkan Peninsula were covered with thick snow.
(Photo via

April Snow not only appears in the United States and Europe but also Harbin, a large city in Northeast China. After Harbin was hit by sandstorms in mid-April, strong winds blew the next day, the temperature plummeted and heavy snow fell. Mixed with the dust in the air, it was like muddy snow. After the mud and snow melted, it turned into muddy water, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable breathing and skin.

According to Serbian meteorologist Nedeljko Todorovic, snow in Belgrade in April is extremely rare. Several meteorological experts believe that the average temperature in the Midwest of the United States in April should be 18 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, heavy snowfall in April represents an abnormal climate on the earth. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the major impact of climate anomalies caused by global warming, and implement daily environmental protection life and follow various environmental protection policies.

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